10 Way to Inspire Others

To be a good leader, you will need to inspire other, to motivate them to go above and beyond.  Communicating your vision clearly, leading by example, and setting reasonable expectations are a few great ways to be inspirational.


Here are 5 more ways to be inspirational.

1.  Enthusiasm

Being positive, finding the silver lining will make people want to be part of your team.  Enthusiasm is contagious, a smile is contagious.  You will see that people will flock to you, trying to figure out what you know that makes you see things positively.

2.  Trust

Earn their trust.  This can’t be faked you will really need to be trustworthy.  You need to keep your promises, avoid gossip, and admit when you are wrong.   Trust takes time to earn, but it is easily lost.  Don’t waiver on this one.

3.  Treat Everyone Equally

People notice when you play favorites, don’t do it. We are all equal human beings regardless of our gender, politics, race, religion, and other factors. Love and care for people without consideration of these irrelevant factors that have no influence on the quality of a person. Treat others how they want to be treated, no matter their background, to inspire trust and confidence.

4.  Remain Calm

Just as people like to follow positive people, they tend stick close to those that remain calm in the storm.  Whether the project is veering off track or someone is lobbing insults your way – keep your composure.  Don’t show your frustration or fear.  Stay the course.  Take some time to determine the most appropriate action.  Don’t jump to conclusions or respond with a knee-jerk action.  People want to know their leader has things under control.

5.  Care

I have shared this tip many times and I am always asked; “How can I show my staff I care?”  The first thing to know is that you can’t pretend – people can sniff out insincerity and it will backfire immediately.   You will need to truly care about the people who work with you.   How do you do that?  Just like you do every day with the friends and family.  You listen to them.  You lend a hand when it is needed.  You give of yourself to make their lives easier.  People will notice.   In turn, people will step up to the plate and help when needed, they will go the extra mile if they believe it will make your life easier.

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