10 Ways to Maintain a Positive Environment


How to Maintain a positive environment with your team.

1)  Listen

2)  Believe in your people, trust them.

3)  Be optimistic and positive.

4) Insist on respectful treatment of others

(call people by their names, show trust, people are not disposable, monitor you mood)

5) Don’t play the power card.

As the leader you don’t want lead by power, you want to motivate and influence.

6) Monitor your preferences

(don’t play favorites)

7) Establish a balance between micromanaging and staying in touch.

8) Model the qualities you want in your team

Everything from how you dress, your attitude, working evenings and weekends, etc.

9) Care.

Show interest in your team members as people, with lives outside the office.

10) Provide training and growth opportunities.


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