The Art of Delegation

New managers struggle frequently with delegating tasks.


As former contributors, it is difficult to step up and manage the contributions.   It is likely that they have been promoted to a management role because of their superior skills, which means they are most like better at doing the job than their staff.  New managers are apt to choose to do the task rather than delegate.  It is good to remember. . .

You can’t manage if you are doing.

Five Tip for Delegating

1) Tell people what you expect them to do.

On a regular basis, tell employees what your goals are and your standards for performance.  People need goals.  There isn’t any human activity without them.  Don’t assume that they know what you want.  Tell them as specifically as possible.

2) Make the work valuable.

When you can, assign people to the kinds of work they like and can do well-work that they regard as valuable to them.  Give them work that enables them to achieve their personal goals, such as growth, advancement, self-esteem, professional recognition, and status.

3) Make the work doable.

Increase employee’s confidence that they can do what you expect by training, coaching, mentoring, listening, scheduling, and iding resources.

4) Give feed back.

When employees try to do what you expect, give them feedback on how well they are doing.  Positive feedback tells them what they need to continue doing; criticism helps them to correct mistakes.

5) Reward successful performance.

When employees have done what you asked them to do, reward them with both monetary and non-monetary recognition.

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