Welcome, thanks for stopping by. . . 

I am often known as the “fixer” – taking failing projects or efforts and getting them moving and back on track.

With an extensive background in customer service, I have worked as technology manager, a project manager and program manager in both large and small organizations.   I’ve seen how easy it can be to get something done in a smaller, flat organization and I understand the need for structure and standards in larger organizations.

I enjoy taking something new projects, building a team – and finding creative ways to navigate to a success.  This requires clearly defining the objectives, understanding the obstacles and risks and maintaining communication with everyone involved in the project.

There are some very specific tools and methods for managing a project – however the most important aspect of keeping the project in a positive light, is to take the time to understand the motivations and effectively managing expectations.

Success is about delivery.  Making it happen.

I look forward to working with you and to be your go-to-person for any project where you might need assistance.



I have worked with Cindy as a customer and most recently with her on our consulting team. Cindy is a delight to work with, bringing energy, humor, honesty and excellent experience. She is a natural team leader and extremely effective project/program manager. Her people skills and technology background add to her strengths in customer-facing and presales situations. I recommend Cindy without reservation, and look forward to working with her in the future.

David Millis
Staff Architect, IT Operations Analytics at Splunk