Defining Success, The Project Mantra

by Cindy Coan Success is a perception. This may be a little hard for a project manager to understand.  You can clearly see if you met your goals.   Unfortunately, perception matters.  You can deliver each objective on-time, on budget and still some project sponsors will not be happy with the results.   It can be well … Continue reading Defining Success, The Project Mantra

Escalating Issues Before the Explode

by Cindy Coan Escalate early and escalate often Poor escalation practices can kill a project. There is an art to finding the perfect balance for when and how to escalate.  “Crying wolf” can cause your project stakeholders to lose faith in the escalations and ignore them.  Escalating too late may not provide enough lead time … Continue reading Escalating Issues Before the Explode

10 Way to Inspire Others

To be a good leader, you will need to inspire other, to motivate them to go above and beyond.  Communicating your vision clearly, leading by example, and setting reasonable expectations are a few great ways to be inspirational. Here are 5 more ways to be inspirational. 1.  Enthusiasm Being positive, finding the silver lining will … Continue reading 10 Way to Inspire Others