Managing Negative Feedback

by Cindy Coan Everyone has an opinion, everyone wants to offer up suggestions.   Occasionally, these suggestions and opinions are negative.  People like to point out what is missing, what is going wrong, what is at risk or what you should be doing differently.  The feedback and opinions don’t need to correct to be valid. Let … Continue reading Managing Negative Feedback

Need Help to Build a Project Plan?

Using templates can save you a great deal of time when writing documents – and there is a lot of documentation when planning a project. You can use a Project Plan template to create a comprehensive project plan for your project.  Our template includes explanations for each section and suggested content.  Our Project Plan template … Continue reading Need Help to Build a Project Plan?

10 Ways to Maintain a Positive Environment

How to Maintain a positive environment with your team. 1)  Listen 2)  Believe in your people, trust them. 3)  Be optimistic and positive. 4) Insist on respectful treatment of others (call people by their names, show trust, people are not disposable, monitor you mood) 5) Don’t play the power card. As the leader you don’t … Continue reading 10 Ways to Maintain a Positive Environment