How to Use a RACI Matrix

by Cindy Coan Project teams are often a mixed bag; people from various parts of an organization, from outside organizations and customers. Although the project manager has responsibility for the project delivery and leading the project team, they likely are not the manager or supervisor of the team members.  This can make dealing with people … Continue reading How to Use a RACI Matrix

Building and Using a Project Scorecard

by Cindy Coan Communication is vital component of the management of any project.  One of the challenges is getting the attention of executive leadership and keeping them updated and informed on the project status. Say hello, to the Project Scorecard! The project scorecard is intended to be a simple visual illustrating the progress and status … Continue reading Building and Using a Project Scorecard

Managing Negative Feedback

by Cindy Coan Everyone has an opinion, everyone wants to offer up suggestions.   Occasionally, these suggestions and opinions are negative.  People like to point out what is missing, what is going wrong, what is at risk or what you should be doing differently.  The feedback and opinions don’t need to correct to be valid. Let … Continue reading Managing Negative Feedback

10 Time Management Tips for Project Managers

by Cindy Coan Managing your time, your team’s time and the project timeline are all part of the project managers “to do list” - and can be challenging to master.  How you work throughout the day and manage time during a project may differ from project-to-project and from customer-to-customer.  Some projects are larger and more … Continue reading 10 Time Management Tips for Project Managers

Project Governance: Maintaining Control Over Organizational Projects

by Cindy Coan Project Governance is not project management.  It is the higher-level framework inside an organization to measure and manage projects. Some organizations will have an established Project Management Office (PMO), which may define a governance framework for projects What does a project governance framework look like?   Start simple, each project governance model should … Continue reading Project Governance: Maintaining Control Over Organizational Projects

Defining Success, The Project Mantra

by Cindy Coan Success is a perception. This may be a little hard for a project manager to understand.  You can clearly see if you met your goals.   Unfortunately, perception matters.  You can deliver each objective on-time, on budget and still some project sponsors will not be happy with the results.   It can be well … Continue reading Defining Success, The Project Mantra

10 Critical Project Reports

by Cindy Coan Identifying the various audiences and finding the perfect communication balance is one of many challenges of managing a project.  Along with keeping all plates spinning without getting dizzy. 1. Communication Plan The first step is to build a Communication Plan for your project.  Your Communication Plan will answer the following questions: What … Continue reading 10 Critical Project Reports

Planning: Determining Your Project’s Outcomes, Goals and Objectives

by Cindy Coan Success is what you define.  If arriving in Tucson on Tuesday is your objective, showing up at the city limits at 11:45 pm would be considered a success.  What if the reason you needed to be in Tucson was for a conference that started at 10 am on Tuesday?  Then arriving at … Continue reading Planning: Determining Your Project’s Outcomes, Goals and Objectives

Escalating Issues Before the Explode

by Cindy Coan Escalate early and escalate often Poor escalation practices can kill a project. There is an art to finding the perfect balance for when and how to escalate.  “Crying wolf” can cause your project stakeholders to lose faith in the escalations and ignore them.  Escalating too late may not provide enough lead time … Continue reading Escalating Issues Before the Explode

The Project Management Tool You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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4 Secrets to Building a Portfolio That’ll Make Everyone Want to Hire You

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How To Automate A Gantt-Geared Project Roadmap: Elegantt For Trello

A roadmap is a visual representation of a project’s timeline of development. It not only delivers the project’s big picture, but it also allows you to share a strategic vision with your team.... Read full article at the publisher's site: